First I’d like to start by thanking you for visiting my site…

I’m Zaf.


I’ve been blogging for about the past two to three years, At the time of this post I’m 52 and an Internet Marketer hence the name Fifty Plus Marketer.

So, you may be thinking – Oh great another internet marketing guru!

Nope…far from it, the main reason I created this site is to record what’s worked for me, but just as important what failed. What I will be doing is recording tools and resources I’ve found useful and I think you would benefit from

I started in Internet marketing through a course I took for affiliate email marketing, which made it sound so easy and simple, yeah right? How wrong was I…

Building an email list isn’t really that hard, but making sales from that list you build is a whole other ball game. I didn’t realize how much there was to it and although I built a list of 1000 subscribers I hardly made any sales, I was spending more than I was making.


I learned how to create a simple funnel to collect email addresses, and how to find affiliate products to sell…I even learned how to get affiliate review copies of what I wanted to sell, for FREE which helped.

Like everyone, I was drawn to affiliate marketing specifically email affiliate marketing,  to the idea of working from home or anywhere I chose, the lifestyle of just sitting on a beach with a laptop and making a living…boy was I naïve in believing it was that easy.

I took an affiliate email marketing course which at the time wasn’t cheap, and this was my first introduction to both internet marketing and affiliate marketing, before this, I had never tried affiliate marketing, I knew absolutely zero about it.

At first, I found this overwhelming there was so much to learn, I had to learn and set up an opt-in page, link this with an autoresponder and create a lead magnet to collect email addresses.

How to send traffic to this opt-in page using solo ads, as this was the quickest of the traffic strategies, I chose this. On top of this how-to-use tracking software to monitor traffic sent to my opt-in page and for accurate tracking of links within my emails.

Update: 7 Nov 2023 – I’ve created and sold my first digital product that (up to now) has brought in $6,512.

I’m working on an upsell to my main product and hoping to have this released by the end of this year or early next year.

If you require any help or advice or just have general questions please feel free to email me at