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Would You Like To Add The Done-For-You 7-Day Commissions Machine To Your Order?

And Jumpstart Your Commissions & Sales Even If You're A Complete Newbie Who's Never Made A Sale in Your Live!


Zaf Barnes here again and i'd like to say a BIG congratulations and thank you for investing in Niche Goldmine...

You'll find it packed with... 147 White Hot Super Profitable Niches to help you drive product sales, email list growth and affiliate commissions all at your finger tips and ready for your picking.

My mission is to help you get your online business setup so you can: 

  1. 1
     Kick Start Commissions & Sales ASAP (if you're a newbie or have struggled for a while.)
  2. 2
    GROW your commission and sales (if you're already cashing in, but want more). 

What that means is:

Commissions And Sales In Your Bank Account ASAP

There's nothing like BANKABLE results for:

  • Boosting your confidence
  • Gaining the momentum you need to change your life
  • Making this all "IM thing" fun and enjoyable

Trouble is, if you're anything like I was, when i started out, there are:

Frustrations, Distractions And Roadblocks, Seemingly Almost Every Day

You know what i'm talking about... 

Being bombarded everyday with every "Hack" "Loophole" "Backdoor" to "affiliate riches" under the sun...

Man holding head in frustration

Flipping from one money making strategy to the next in the hopes of find the "Holy Grail" of making money online...

Imagine a hamster in a cage spinning it's wheel... no matter how hard it runs, that hamster isn't getting anywhere fast! 

Hamster running on a wheel in it's cage.

Sound familiar?

You've most likely heard no matter what business you have there's one thing you MUST do that is to build an email list.

And I bet you've also heard the saying 'The Money's In The List'...

And here's why...

All the 'Top Corporations' like Dell, Apple, Microsoft and top marketers use email marketing... For one reason

... it just plain works!

But Isn't Email Marketing Dead?

"According to Statista Email Marketing Revenue Worldwide is set to go to 17.9 Billion U.S Dollars by 2007"

Email Marketing Revenue Worldwide 2020 - 2027

(in billion U.S dollars)

Bar graph representing  the growth of email marketing

Now as you see it's crucial that you build an email list...

but if you haven't yet built an email list then you're not alone...


It Might Be Because:

  1. 1
    You've already tried to build an email list before but you felt confused and overpowered with it all...
  2. 2
    You've tried so many different list building strategies that you feel like your head's going to explode?
  3. 3
    The thought of sending emails fills you with dread and you feel like you couldn't possibly write an email to send it to a list?
  4. 4
    You feel hopelessly frustrated and swamped with what tools you need to build an email list?  

And let’s not forget probably one of the most important aspects of email marketing… Writing the copy

You need to write effective and persuasive copy for both your opt-in page and your follow-up emails.

Get this one thing WRONG and this could be the difference to having the equivalent of a broken ATM machine that spits out money every time you send an email... 

or having an email list full of freebie seekers who DON'T spend a dime... or no list at all. 

As i've mentioned above, i've been there and experienced this myself.

And it's no fun.

That's why i'm on a misson to make your business set up as easy as possible.

By overdelivering, my clients become more successful and are more likely to work with me long term. 

So here's what i've done for you...

Created a 7-day course that shows you step-by-step how to get your business up and running within 7 days or less and start earning commissions.

You'll learn how take all the done-for-you material you get and connect it all together so by the end of day 7 you'll be up and ready to send traffic, build your email list and start making money with the... 

7-Day Commission Machine

7-Day Commission Machine Picture

Here's what's inside:

Marketing Magic

A collection of marketing materials to help build your email list which includes:

Marketing Magic picture

1. A High Converting Opt-in Page 

Having a high converting opt-in page or landing page is essential for quickly building a quality email list  and making sales.

A common mistake most newbies make is to use a standard template that comes with the common page builder software.

And not spending enough time to create a compelling headline...

Graphical representation of a Opt-in Page

The headline being the most important part...

You need to have a compelling headline that grabs the readers attention and makes a promise that the lead magnet can fulfill.

You need to make sure your opt-in page looks as professional as possible, this means creating a professionally looking image for the lead magnet, and using the right colors and font to make your opt-in page stand out.

As you can imagine the graphics for the opt-in page alone can take a considerable amount of time to create, so having a done-for-you option will give you one of the most precious assets back TIME and also save you huge frustration having to do all this yourself.

2. A Thank You Page / Confirmation Page

The Confirmation Page is essential to let your new subscribers know that:

A) They've completed their action - Have a warm welcoming headline letting them know they'll receive an email with a link to download the lead magnet.

B) How they can contact you if they've any questions.

C) A short description of the next steps or a CTA (Call To Action) or other actions.

Thank You Page  graphic representation

The Confirmation Page should have a similar look and feel to opt-on page so there's no feeling of disconnect between the two to help build trust with your subscribers.

A BIG mistake many newbies make...

is not monetizing the Thank You Page with a paid offer. They simply have a message for signing up that says:

"Thank You For signing Up".

Now i don't like to keep repeating myself here...

...but as Les Brown says 

"Faith come from hearing, hearing and hearing".

With that said. Everything you NEED is done-for-you...

with the 7-Day Commission Machine that ticks all those boxes for you and gives you a professional, monetized confirmation page from the word GO.  

3. A Download Page

A hidden Page (from Google and your site) that contains the download link...

for the free report which prevents people downloading the lead magnet without subscribing first.

Download Page image

Many newbies miss out the download page altogether or possibly use one but isn't monetized!

Instead of sending an email with a link to download directly it's best to send them directly to a Thank You / Download Page from the "Welcome Email", where you thank them for subscribing and remind them to whitelist your email... 

Then give them the link to download the lead magnet.

Also this is a great place to put another highly related offer to your lead magnet which can either be an affiliate offer or your own. 

As you can see the above alone will save you hours of work and frustration trying to figure out what goes where.

Yes, the 7-Day Commission Machine enables you to do all this all correctly from the outset for maximum conversion.

4. A Highly Desirable Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is just as important as the design of your opt-in page if not more so...

Your lead magnet should solve one specific problem.

Graphic representing an highly desirable Lead Magnet

A common newbie mistake I see quite a lot is using a lead magnet that doesn't arouse curiosity and excite people...

Resulting in wasted traffic and little to no conversions or sales.

In the lead magnet you must fulfill the promise you made on the opt-in page. If it doesn't this will lead to your subscribers unsubscribing or just ignoring your emails.

Finding out the above information will require you to complete possibly hours of research that you then can use as content for your lead magnet.

Then after deciding on the format of your lead magnet, ie. PDF, or video, etc. you then need to create an outline for your lead magnet.

Next you'll need to decide if you're going to use an eCover for the lead magnet, if so... How will you create it? 

Here again you can see there's a lot of WORK involved...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how having a done-for-you lead magnet that you can use in your own business will save you an enormous amount of time, helping you get set up a heck of a lot quicker while saving you from all the hassle of doing the work.

That's why yet again, i've included this for you in the 7-Day Commission Machine, meaning you can bypass all the work and get your business running in the next few days.

With full step-by-step training to show you how to connect all the moving parts together.

The Total Trust Campaign

eCover for Total Trust Campaign

A 5-Day Done-For-You email follow-up sequence that you can just plug-in to your email system and that you can model for future emails...

helping you build trust with your subscribers, keeping them actively engaged and more likely to buy what you're offering  whether your products or affiliate products.

A BIG mistake many newbies make with their emails is not having a good follow up campaign and just sending a single confirmation email.

It's essential to follow up with your new subscribers in the first few days of them signing up to remind them of who you are and why they signed up to your list.

Your new subscribers can easily forget who you are if they in the middle of doing something whilst on their mobile and subscribing.

Another big mistake made by newbies with emails  is NOT setting expectations in their emails...You need to let your subscribers know what they'll be receiving from you in future emails.

The first email of the five is the 'Thank You' email that thanks them for signing up and gives them a link to the Download page.

Failing to do this will dramatically lower your open and click through rates, the less people that open your emails and click on the links less money you'll make.

The following three emails you'll be able to use to either sell your own product or an affiliate product... it's important you get sales coming in ASAP.

The final email is called a trust building email. You need to make sure you're constantly giving value to your list and this can be in the form of a free tool you've found, a video, anything you think could benefit your subscribers.

This can be a daunting task if you've never written an email to a list before but not with the Total Trust Campaign a 5-Day Done-For-You follow up email sequence.

Simply edit the emails with your info and upload to your email system of choice... full training on these steps provided.

And YES...

This is included for you in the 7-Day Commission Machine, meaning you save hours of frustration trying to write a series of follow-up emails that build trust and get sales.

eCover Kickstart Your Affiliate Commissions


Kickstart Your Affiliate Commissions

Top 50 affiliate programs to promote giving you a kickstart in commissions and sales and saving hours of time scouring the internet for what affiliate products to promote that'll give you the best and highest recurring commissions month after month.

when your starting out the easiest thing you can do to start earning a regular monthly income is through affiliate marketing...

There are two  big mistakes made by newbies in affiliate marketing:

  • They try to promote an affiliate offer that has too high competition, that hundreds of other affiliates are already promoting making it VERY hard to earn any commissions from promoting that offer. 
  • They are not promoting any products that have recurring affiliate commissions which means that they could be missing out on thousands of potential commissions.

This done-for-you resource will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy finding high and recurring affiliate programs to promote.

Just simply dip in find an affiliate program to promote and signup and start promoting to your list.

And this is exactly what you get in Kickstart Affiliate Commissions Bonus, meaning you'll have an head start with this done for you resource... 

Saving you hours of research trying to find affiliate programs to promote so you can concentrate on promoting affiliate offers from the word GO and see those commissions hitting your bank account a lot sooner and which gives you the potential to bring in regular monthly commissions month after month. 

eCover Bonus Marketing Mechanisms


Marketing Mechanisms

List of tools both FREE and paid that you'll need to both build and grow your email list. Saving you a big headache and uncertainty of what tools you'll need.

A major problem for those just starting out online is feeling overwhelmed with the choice of tools they need to run and build a business.

For some this can be too much and can leave them paralyzed with overwhelm and fear so they NEVER get started building their business.

If you're uncertain of what tools you'll require to build and run your business then you'll find this invaluable.

You'll find all the tools you need to help you build and run your business in the Marketing Mechanisms bonus.

eCover Bonus Email Marketing Essentials


Email Marketing Essentials

57 High Converting Subject Lines that grabs your reader's attention and gets your emails opened.

The most important part of any email is the subject line. The subject line is like a headline of a sales page that is used to grab the reader's attention.

And that's what the subject line has to do! 

If you have a bad subject line you effectively reduce the chances that your messages won't be open/read or prioritized appropriately.

A big problem for those starting out with email marketing is not writing the attention grabbing subject lines that actually get their emails opened.

Many use "follow-up" or "follow up" in the actual subject line which doesn't grab the reader's attention.

Emails that have a weak subject line have an higher chance of being ignored or worse potentially getting put in to the spam folder...

You're competing against hundreds of emails in the inbox.

So having a subject line that stands out in the inbox will greatly increase the chances of it being opened.

The more you get your emails opened the more sales you inevitably make.

And that's where Email Marketing Essentials bonus will help...

giving you 57 high converting email subject lines that you can swipe and deploy for your own emails.

But wait... That's not everything! Now call me CRAZY but at the last minute i've decided to even give you more value...

How would you like a license to edit, rebrand and sell as many copies as you want and keep all of the money?

This Is A License To Sell The Product Yourself Not To Pass On The License To Your Buyers!

What's Extra I've Included?

Picture of 7-Day Commission Machine WL
  • All of the above plus a license to edit and rebrand and sell as many times as you want - keep all the money.
  • Fully editable Doc/PowerPoint files of 7-Day Commission Machine training and bonuses (that can be edited with either Microsoft Word, Open Office, Google Docs or with MAC Pages).
  • Fully editable recordings done in Camtasia plus the video downloads
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Sales page in Thrive Architect template - Will require the WordPress plugin Thrive Architect to be installed on your website.
  • Or repurpose the sales page in your choice of page builder. 
  • Sales page in HTML version (which you can upload to your own hosting account) and can edit the link to your payment system. (PayPal, ThriveCart, Clickfunnels, Groovesel, etc.)

Sounds Great Zaf! But What's The Cost?

First let's be clear.

This is an investment in your future.

A way to avoid spending countless hours researching, building and creating.

Instead shortcutting the process and bypassing the "trauma" of getting started. And do so accurately and RAPIDLY.

I Know It Can Be A Little Nerve-Wracking To Go Ahead And Pull The Trigger On A New Investment.


What does it cost to get all this outsourced?

  • Copywriting For The Opt-in Page - $247
  • Researching & Creating The Resource List Of Top 50 Affiliate Products With Recurring Commissions - $497
  • 12 Page Lead Magnet To Be Researched & Written - $797
  • Lead Magnet Cover Graphic - $497 
  • Web Designer For Opt-in Page - $747
  • Copywriting for 5 Emails - $247

That's a total of $3,032+

(And this quite easily could be more!)

This is the real world cost of your time and hard earned money to do this. Every minute and every dollar you spend WITHOUT  building an email list the right way could be wasted time, energy and revenue.

That's why the 7-Day Commission Machine is fantastic value because the regular price is just:


One Time Payment

However, as a special thank you for taking action and investing today you can get and secure the entire package and all the done-for-you business assets for just:

$297 $97

As i mentioned above, I love to over-deliver because, quite honestly, it's a win-win situation for both of us.

Not only that but...

I Guarantee Your Satisfaction  

30 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked"Cannot Lose" Guarantee


Download NOW And Risk $0.00

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, at any time during the first 30 days, you aren't thrilled with 7-Day Commission Machine just send a quick message to our friendly support desk - and you'll receive a rapid, courteous and FULL refund.

Also, as our way of saying "Thank You" for trying out 7-Day Commission Machine you can also keep your downloads and training materials that are waiting for you.

This ROCK SOLID cast iron guarantee means you have complete peace of mind and have absolutely nothing to lose by acting right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've just started my business, is this for me?

I don't have a website, can i still do this?

What if I already use an email system?

How is this different from other products that give you a done-for-you email marketing funnel?

I'm not technical is this doable?

How fast will I see results?

I've never had success before!

What tools will i need and how much do they cost?

Still Feeling Doubtful? Or Maybe You Think... This Won't Work For You? 

Then how about a challenge?

  • Buy 7-Day Commission Machine Today
  • Get Yourself A Drink
  • Get Yourself Comfortable And Go Through The Entire Training
  • If After This You Still Have Doubts Then Simply Email For A Full Refund.

Remember today only you can get your copy of 7-Day Commission Machine & Bonuses for just $297 $97

Just click the button below to add this to your order.

After payment is successful, you'll immediately receive an email with details to access your download and training...

Secure Order Form - 100% Protected And Safe. You Get Immediate Access To Your Purchase Even If It's 2am In The Morning.


Zafer Barnes

P.S. Remember you are risking exactly $0.00 (ZERO!) by giving the 7-Day Commission Machine a go right now!

This is literally 100% risk-free for 30 Days - If you're not completely satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all) simply contact our support and you'll receive every penny back into your account within a matter of hours! 

P.P.S. If you have any questions please click the Support link below. Full customer support.


It's up to you now.