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From: Zaf Barnes

Location: Nottinghamshire, UK

RE: Access To A Super Profitable Niche

Dear Friend,

Have you got sick of blogging, spending countless hours, weeks or months creating content for your blog in the hopes that you'll make enough money to finally escape the 9 to 5 grind?

Only to feel disillusioned with the pittance of money you're getting for all the hard work you've sunk into your blog.

Have you spent hundreds of dollars trying different traffic strategies to various offers to find you’re worse off than when you started?

Do you feel overwhelmed with deciding what niche you should go into?

I hear you, friend! And the good news is you’re not alone.

Here’s why this may be the most important information you will ever read.

Whether you’re new to the marketing world, a seasoned marketer looking to earn BIG commissions or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to attract a flood of customers.

There’s one common factor you’ve got to get right from the word GO. And that’s quite simply

Choosing A Profitable Niche

First, consider this simple question…

How BIG is the market for digital products now?

As you know things online are growing unbelievably quick and you can find statistics all over the internet for example... 

“According to Global Market Insights: E-Learning is set to exceed USD 375 billion by 2026, and the E-Learning Market size surpassed USD 200 billion in 2019”

It’s changing so fast; How do you know that you’re not making a mistake through lack of knowledge?

Pyramid of success

There is a pyramid of online success of offer, traffic, conversion and at the base of that pyramid is your choice of niche you get the foundation wrong, and this pyramid of success will come tumbling down.

Getting The Niche Wrong Could Mean:

  • wasting time or money or both driving traffic
  • Creating content that doesn’t convert
  • Building an email list with little to no conversions and sales

And this isn’t even counting the emotional cost:

  • The feelings of frustration and disillusion with it all to the point your think you will NEVER make any money online
  • The guilt over wasted money
  • The shame of a failed business

As we have seen, the market for eLearning which includes digital products and coaching is growing so fast.

How do you know you’re up to date?

If you find yourself struggling with your business…

Then there’s a big chance that you’ve chosen an unprofitable niche and/or even a niche that doesn’t match your passion or interest.

To increase your chances of being successful online you need to choose the RIGHT niche.


Here’s The Advice You’ve Most Likely Seen Online:

  1. 1
    Keyword research Yep, you could go the painful route, doing keyword research trying to make sense of all that DATA. (Which just gives me the sweats thinking about it) You could use a free keyword research tool but, how accurate would it be? You could use a subscription-based keyword research tool? This is fine if you want to pay for an overpriced subscription.
  2. 2
    Choose A Niche That You're Passionate About What if you choose a niche that people only want FREE information? Do you want to end up with a 7-day wonder that you end up abandoning later, wasting all your hard work? 
  3. 3
    Check out the competition - Are you prepared to do more research? How do you know you’re researching your competitors properly?
  4. 4
    Test your niche - How do you test your niche? What’s the best way to test your niche?

And let’s not forget…

You’ve still got to put in all the hard work, spending hours going through and examining hundreds if not thousands of keywords to check if a niche is going to be possibly profitable for you!

Choosing the wrong niche could mean:

  • Wasting your valuable time
  • Losing potentially hundreds if not thousands
  • Having little to no profits
  • Kills your site before it’s even gotten off the ground
  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated
  • Kills your motivation

Don’t just sit frustratedly staring at your computer screen waiting for inspiration to strike!

What if things were different?

Imagine for a minute as though you’re the CEO who’s presented with research ready for profit-making

That’s taken ALL the hard work out for you…

This means that you’ll:

  • Instantly save hours of “painstaking” research
  • No longer feel frustrated trying to pick a profitable online niche
  • Feel excited at making your first online sale
  • Shortcut your way to success
  • Unlock the VAULT of some of the most profitable online niches
  • Remove that paralyzing fear holding you back from picking the wrong niche and finally get your business off the ground.
  • Success hack your competition which means you finally get one over on them
  • Ensure your niche is evergreen and be confident that your niche will remain in demand and not be just some passing fad
  • Have lots of competition which mean there’s money to be made (unlike what is the common belief)
  • Have sufficient demand that generates enough interest to make it profitable and worthwhile
  • Only have niches that are not only HIGH INTEREST but also PROFITABLE instead of a niche where people won’t or can’t buy

Finding the right profitable niche is the KEY to success online. And I want to make it SUPER EASY for you!



Sounds Great, But What Do I Actually Get In Niche Goldmine?

Here's just a small taster of some of the gems you'll discover inside:

  • Save many long hours of excruciating research trying to find profitable online niches.
  • Neutralize the feeling of stress and overwhelm in choosing a profitable niche.
  • Stop wasting time and energy trying to figure out a profitable nichet.
  • Eliminate the mental block that’s stopping you from getting started.
  • Feel confident that the niche you’ve selected is a profitable one.
  • Rapidly identify your profitable niche or niches.
  • Know some of the products already selling in your chosen niche.
  • Done-For-You executive niche research pack, at your fingertips, crammed full with 147 super profitable niches.

Wow, That Sounds Awesome Zaf! 

I understand that Niche Goldmine will save me a huge amount of time and that for me overwhelm won’t be an issue at all, but what else do I get?

Great question - thank you for asking!

I always aim to under-promise and over-deliver in my work so when you secure your copy of Niche Goldmine today, you will also get this high-value exclusive bonus:

Ultimate Niche Finder


Ultimate Niche Finder 

A toolbox for your arsenal to help you find even more profitable online niches. Four ways to find a profitable niche in minutes, NO keyword research required.

Is Niche Goldmine For You?

Niche Goldmine is for you if you are serious about creating a successful online business AND one or more of the following categories in the "This Is For You If " list applies to you:

Niche Goldmine is NOT suitable for you if any of the following categories in the "This Isn't For You If" list applies to you. 

If that's you, I wish you well but please don't invest in Niche Goldmine because it won't help you and neither can I.

This Is For You If You're

  • Brand New To starting an online business
  • Fed up of trying other "systems" and failed
  • An affiliate marketer
  • Struggling with choosing a profitable niche
  • Feeling that you are missing the vital ingredient in order to succeed online
  • A product creator

This Isn't For You If You're 

  • A "Shiny Object" Hunter
  • A Loophole Chaser
  • A Spammer
  • A "Biz Op" Tire Kicker
  • A Get Rich Quick Dreamer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need any technical skills?

Will this work for me?

How is this different from other products in finding a profitable niche?

What if I don't see amazing results?

Have you How fast will I see results?

What if the timing isn't good for me? I'm too busy!

What if I have questions or get stuck?

Get Your Copy Of Pro Niche Goldmine Today And You'll Get:

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Just Imagine Being Able To Quickly Choose Your Profitable Niche Without Having To Ever Worry About Selecting A Bad Niche AGAIN…

How would it change your life?

Man at sea
  • Would you finally start that online business?
  • What would it mean to you to wake up in the morning to see those commissions hit your account?
  • How would the peace of mind make you feel every morning when you get out of bed?
  • Would you feel more confident in knowing you’ve chosen a profitable niche?
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  • What would you feel like when you build an online business that actually makes money

Now, at this stage…

Although some might call me crazy, I've made a firm decision to give you full access to the entire Niche Goldmine system today for a fraction of its real-world value.

Why Is The Price So Ridiculously Low?

So, what's the catch?

Excellent question and here's the simple answer…

Today I'm offering this package at a Special Launch Price to get more rave reviews, feedback, and testimonials from my peers.

And I also know that many smart people like you will invest in Niche Goldmine and become first time customers of mine.


I want to do everything I can to massively over-deliver with tremendous value.

Not only does this help you but it also helps me because I'm able to build a loyal group of customers who will be interested in buying any future products I decide to develop.

A true "win-win" situation!

Now, if you’ve purchased any of my products before then you’ll know I aim to give the best quality products and customer support in the industry.

However, I know that if you are not already a customer of mine then right now you might be a little sceptical and feel this all looks too good to be true.

I get that, I really do, not least because I know from personal experience what it's like to be pitched "shiny objects" that promise amazing results but turn out to be spectacularly bad and dismal failures.

Therefore, I want to make sure you have complete peace of mind by removing all of the risk!

So, if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied then your purchase is backed by this:

30 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked"Cannot Lose" Guarantee


Download NOW And Risk $0.00

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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Right Now, You Have Just 2 Options…

Option 1: Close this page and carry on with your day.

Let other people grab the advantage while you keep on going with picking up tips from around the web.

A product here, an article there, a video somewhere else…


As you know for most people this results in more wasted time, money, a lot of frustration and perhaps most importantly a huge delay in reaching their profitable niche aspirations.

But perhaps you are different?


Option 2: Be smart, grab Niche Goldmine for yourself and start profiting in your niche TODAY. 

As you know one of the common characteristics of the most successful MARKETERS is that they learn, borrow and adapt from the experience and knowledge of others.


Why reinvent the wheel or blaze a brand new trail into unknown when you can simply deploy the same tactics that have been PROVEN to work by others?

Let's be brutally honest - your current plan has got you precisely to the stage you're at right now.

If you're happy with that then great, I wish you well.

But if you're not then remember you've got to make a change and seize opportunities when they arise.

If a map to your destination already exists, wouldn't you just grab it and use it?

Ultimately, it's up to YOU to decide how quickly you want to POWER your product sales, email list growth and affiliate commisions.

So, if you're ready to get hold of your executive niche research pack containing 147 White Hot Profitable Niches, then i invite you to order your copy of Niche Goldmine.

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Zafer Barnes

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