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5 Most Unusual Phobias

Everyone has something that makes them feel uncomfortable…

Such as spiders or elevators but normally we tend to cope with them.

It’s said that the greatest fear is public speaking, but most people can do it if they’re forced to.

However, for some being in a certain situation or around a certain thing can cause so much fear that they go to so many lengths to avoid it all together.

Then it becomes a phobia…

Below are 5 of the most unusual phobias.

  1. Eisoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors, thought to come from superstitions or scenes from horror movies.

  2. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words, also known as sesquipedalophobia. (Damn talk about a mouthful, eh?)

  3. Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables. People with this phobia can experience extreme anxiety when seeing or even thinking about vegetables.

  4.  Globophobia: Fear of balloons. Related to past experiences to the balloons popping or loud popping noises. (Interestingly this one my wife has, from a childhood experience of a dog biting her when the noise of the balloon popped and now, she can’t stand to be near balloons.)

  5. Nomophobia: Fear of being without a phone. Now this is one most people can relate to. Though we wouldn’t experience intense and persistent anxiety. (Saying that when I’ve not been able to find my damn phone, I certainly have, lol.)

Did you spot what words that number 5 is made up of?

Me neither!

No Mo phobia – No Mobile Phobia…

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I hope you have a great Tuesday.


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