perfect circle

Do you have perfection syndrome?

Why can’t Michael J Fox draw a perfect circle freehand?

Because no human can draw a perfect circle freehand.

Perfect circle

You may be wondering what the hell has this got to do with internet marketing or email marketing? 

Actually, quite a lot…

A lot of people suffer from perfection syndrome – they have a product they working on and it’s not quite ready to be released yet, it either needs more tweaking or there’s something not quite ready yet and what do you think happens? 

They never end up releasing that product, because the product isn’t never quite right. Or it’s put on hold while they then start working on something else that comes along and I know I’ve been there.

In reality, they have doubts and fear that their product isn’t going to be any good or that it’s going to fail.

The reality is that they’re probably right, but they don’t realize that this is the normal process. We taught that we should get things right the first time around that we have to be a perfectionist then the reality is that we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes.

Just Do it!

Your first product being released isn’t going to be quite right and COULD fail, but it’s going through this process that we learn and improve upon the next time around.

But what’s important is that you get your product out there and test it and see where it succeeds and fails so that you can improve upon it the next time around.

It’s no good waiting for that perfect time, for when the planets are all inline and the clock strikes midnight – well you get my point.

perfection syndrome

Get that product out even if you think it isn’t perfect, nothing ever is, stop being a dumb ass and just do it then track your results and see what worked and what didn’t work, from this you’ll know where you need to make improvements the next time around.

Lots of people who have made it BIG started out with some sort of failure more often than not more than one failure…

So, whatever product you’ve got just get it out there and see what results this brings you and improve as you go along.



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