Funny picture of a monkey eating a banana.

How NPS is using humour to create fans

Saturday morning is usually when me and the wife tend to bath our two dogs…

Tilly and Tiny two Shih Tzu’s, Tiny the smallest one always comes out shivering.

And always reminds of a scene from ET where ET has a towel around his whole body with only his head peeking out, lol.

I came across an interesting article about the National Park Services…

They’ve been getting a lot of attention lately on their social media accounts, especially on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

They’ve been infusing humour into one-liners, or hooks to get people’s attention.

Using these to grab the reader’s attention which then leads into the rest of the story and other resources.

(A good marketing lesson there and something anyone can use in their posts, eh?)

The guy behind the NPS posts is Matt Turner who often ties the posts to pop culture or familiar memes.

If you look at Instagram, you can see this must be working particularly well for them…

with 5.7 million followers and with 220.4k views on one of their X (Twitter) posts.


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