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Saved By A Chimp?

In 1952 The Today Show aired with Dave Garroway as host…

The show wasn’t doing very well at all.

That is until the addition of J. Fred Muggs…

Now J. Fred Muggs was no ordinary man, nope.

He wasn’t a man at all, but a Chimpanzee dressed in diapers like a baby…

becoming an overnight sensation and signed up by NBC to appear daily.

(And quite literally ‘Saved The Day’.)

The introduction of Muggs with a prominent role caused Jim Flemming, the original newsreader to quit who then was replaced by Frank Blair.

Frank became a legendary member of the Today Show and NBC News from 1953 – 1975.

Now the crazy thing is that Muggs not only boosted ratings…

…but said to have brought the network a lucrative $100 million in advertising revenue.

(You can imagine them sitting there, rubbing their hands together at the thought of all that money, eh?)

Mugs mastered more than 500 words and had a wardrobe of 450 outfits.

(I’m bloody lucky if I’ve got even 10, lol.)

He read the day’s newspapers and imitated Popeye…

He was such a BIG TV celeb that there were books, comics and games featuring him…

…and he was called upon to open supermarkets and commission US Navy ships.


P.S. [FINAL EMAIL] You don’t need to be a Chimp called Muggs to know that Micro Models and case studies are important…

There’s no getting around the fact that human beings get too distracted to sit and think in the modern world…

just try shutting off your phone and apps and letting your mind go free. It’s not easy.

But what IS easier is reading and gaining inspiration and insight from what other business people are successfully doing.

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 So what sort of models are these?

Here are 3 models to give you an idea:

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