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Want to hear a corny joke?

Why was Cinderella so bad at soccer?

She kept running away from the ball… Hahaha

I know it’s a bit of a corny joke, eh?

But you know what?

Lots of people run away from things they don’t like or that makes them feel uncomfortable.

And this can manifest in different ways…

Take for example being in internet marketing you know you should build an email list…

that you should get that lead magnet out there, but you’ve not gotten around to it…

you could feel like you’ve nothing to share.

Even though you may have been in that niche for a while and know quite a lot.

Imposter syndrome as it’s known stops a lot of people from getting started online. 

and you may be surprised to learn that this affects marketers at various levels.

From beginners to those making regular income online.

When you look around at what everyone else is doing and see how well they’re doing compared to you.

It can make you bloody moody, lol.

Think it was Tony Shepherd who said something like when you start out

“you should focus on what you’re doing…

Not what other marketers are doing.”

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