15 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Instagram Following

I came across this great video by Vanessa Lau on how to grow your Instagram account If you only had 15 minutes a day to do it in.

Gives you realistic solutions to grow a following if you’ve only 15 minutes a day.

Here’s a summary:

Repurpose old content try to schedule single liners by picking single sentences from your content.

Repurpose IG Reels (Instagram Reels) save a blank version of that reel so you can repurpose simply by changing the text.

Engagement –  Top 3 groups to spend your time engaging with. 

  1. People who may be interested in your niche but don’t follow you.
  • Choose an hashtag that you know your ideal client might be using in their posts. Say you choose a hostage relating to girl box, then find the tag and choose recent (not top) to make sure that person is online or that the post was recent and not a few days ago. Picking 5 to leave a meaningfull comment on

2. Own followers

Pick 5 people who follow you and leave a meaningful message on their most recent post.

3. Look for 5 Industry Leaders from the below

  • Your Competitors 
  • People who have a similar following base
  • Anyone who has followers you want

Then leave a comment on their top posts.

The goal is for their followers to see your post to increase visibility. Can rotate between these 3 groups each day for posting.

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