How To Set Up 2-Factor Authentication

A great tool I’ve been using now for a few years is Wordfence, I’ve just been using the free version and with the odd minor problems, it’s been very reliable.

If you are not already you should be using some sort of security software for your website fortunately if you’re using WordPress for your website, there are lots of options to choose from both FREE and paid for.

Wordfence has several features built-in with its built-in firewall you can keep a check on login attempts… which can be both surprising and a bit alarming!

But at least you know Wordfence is doing its job…

This neat little tool even has the option to track the IP of the failed login attempts, using one of the tools in Wordfence called WHO Is which will also give you the option to “Block This Network”.

With a built-in malware scanner and notifications, you get via email when there’s a problem, such as a plugin that’s out-of-date.

Another cool feature is under the login security with various options the main one being two-factor authentication (which provides an extra layer of security).

To use this, you’ll need a mobile authentication app such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google’s Authenticator.

Just install the app on your mobile device and add an account on the Microsoft Authenticator app click the plus and select “Personal account”.

You’ll then get an option to “Scan QR code”, selecting this then brings up the option to scan the QR code.

And if you’re using the Google Authenticator app, click the plus and select “Scan a QR Code”.

Once you’ve added the code the app gives you into the required box an option to download the recovery codes will pop up…make sure to store somewhere save so that you’ll remember the location.

Once this is set up the next time you log in, you’ll then be presented with a box for the authentication code that you’ll need to get from the app.

Although this is providing extra security you want to also make sure you do regular backups on of the advantages of using Siteground is that backups are done automatically on a daily basis.

Let me know your thoughts good or bad 🙂

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