3 Tools I use for finding great content

1. Answer The Public

If you find yourself stuck on what to write about either for your blog posts or emails, then you’ll find this site a great help.

Head over to www.answerthepublic.com

Search google Answer The Public Web site

Put a search term in the box and hit get questions and you’ll be presented with results for loads of questions people are asking in that particular niche.

In the below example I used the search term Law of Attraction and got the results below, this is only a shortlist of what is returned the actual page returned more than these and has you can see there are plenty of ideas you can get from these questions.

A search on Answer The Public website on Law of Attraction returned results from Answer the public

2. Full page screen capture (chrome extension)

This is a chrome extension that takes a full webpage screenshot very handy if you have a sales page that is usually very long – using this tool you can grab a screenshot of the whole page. Just by clicking the icon in your browser.

Chrome extension to access click the camera icon in chrome to take a screenshot of the web page

Which then gives you this hand option to save either as a pdf. Or as a png file, by clicking the download option as below.

Click the download option at the top to down load the screenshot

Which brings up the below box.

Choose whether to do download as a pdf or png file

This is a very handy tool to help you build your swipe file of not just only sales pages but opt-in pages or any website you like the look of.

To get this tool you can either click the link at the beginning of this section or you can enter full page screen capture into a google search.

To find this tool you can do a search on google for the add-on full page screen capture

Once you click the link you are then taken to this page.

You are then tanke to Full Page Screen Capture

Remember though this is for chrome, once installed it creates a camera icon in your chrome browser. If you’re using Firefox then there is a similar one called Page Screenshot, although I haven’t used this one.

3. Amazon.com

Amazon.com is great to get ideas for products and headlines ideas by checking the top-selling books and magazines. If you look through the chapters of the bestselling books you can get some great ideas for both content and product creation.

For example, by doing a quick search on Amazon.com for dog training books and you can see the results below, you get some good ideas on what headlines are being used in your niche.

For example doing a Search Amazon in books for dog training

Looking on Amazon I found this book…

 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog which has 1,327 ratings, this headline uses the classic 101 ways headline. Clicking on the look inside option and going to the contents or chapters can give you an excellent idea of what to include in your content, what people are looking for. So instead of trying to rack your brain for ideas you can go to Amazon and get some great ideas there!

Click look inside on the book and look at the chapters for ideas or index

Another place to check is the Amazon reviews for bestselling books more particular for reviews 3 and below, you can find some great info here of what’s lacking in the product which can give you a better idea of what to include in yours.

I hope you’ve found value from this post, please let me know your thoughts or what great tools you use to help find and create content.

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