Snowy picutre scene

A Slippery Situation

A few years ago, when my lad was in nursery…

At that time, we were living in a hilly part of the neighbourhood.

 I think during that week we had a bit of snow and overnight it turned to ice.

So people were being extra careful including me in the morning on the way to the nursery…

And that day the school decided to close early due to the weather conditions.

I think it was about 12 pm when we got notified by the school that they were closing early.

As I went to pick my lad up from the nursery, that day it was extremely icy and there was a lot of black ice around, especially on the part we lived on.

The road I was walking down was quite steep and the pavements were just too bad to walk on, so I started walking down the road VERY carefully.

I remember seeing this guy at the top of the road (which is fairly long), start walking down.

I just caught a glimpse of him as his feet left the floor and his feet were up in the air.

 The next minute this guy came whizzing helplessly past me on his back with his arms and legs waving around…

And boy did I laugh…

It was like a scene out of a cartoon.

The bloke came to a stop at the bottom of the road and got up though probably a bit shaken.

(The rest of the way to school I just had a stupid grin on my face, hahaha.)

I managed to get to the nursery and back without landing on my ass or going skidding down the road myself …

I guess some would say it’s Karma if I had.

I think that day many people slipped over, and I just about managed to stay upright lol.

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