Picture of a Tin can.

Tin Lizzie

Picture this – back in 1922, this car race was up in Pikes Peak, Colorado…

Everyone was flaunting their new rides, and Noel Bullock came with his Model T, calling it “Old Liz.”

Now, Old Liz wasn’t exactly a beauty…


With no paint and no hood – people started calling it “Tin Lizzie,” thinking it looked like a banged-up tin can.

But here’s the kicker – Tin Lizzie pulled off a surprise win, beating out fancier and pricier cars.

It was like, “Whoa, didn’t see that coming!”

This victory showed everyone that the Model T was a tough and speedy machine.

Newspapers went wild, and that’s how the nickname stuck for all Model T cars.

Now, Henry Ford’s Model T was a game-changer for regular folks…

making it affordable, thanks to Ford’s clever assembly line that made things quicker and cheaper.

Prices dropped from $850 in 1908 to less than $300 in 1925.

The Model T became a symbol of America’s modernization…

Ford sold a whopping 15 million of them between 1918 and 1927.

Tin Lizzies are usually thought of as being in black, but back then, you could grab one in grey, blue, green, or red.

The Model T had three styles:

  • Five-seat touring car
  • Two-seat runabout
  • Seven-seat town car, all riding on a 100-inch-wheelbase chassis.

And if someone says, “Going the way of the Tin Lizzie”…

…they mean something old getting swapped out for something newer and better.

like an old belief or way of doing things.

Cool, huh?

Enjoy your Wednesday.


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