Picture of a witches book

First record of witches

Witches are described as someone who can communicate with supernatural beings and cast spells.

The first recorded mention of witches is in the first book of Samuel in the Bible, dating between 931 and 721 BC.

Various cultures perceived witches differently…

in ancient Egypt witches were well respected in society, it was believed their powers came from God.

They were regularly consulted by citizens for amulets and protection spells.

Also having other valuable skills such as alchemy, reading the stars and creating herbal mixtures.

Some cultures though feared witches such as in medieval Europe…

Witches had a bad reputation and were seen as the work of the Devil.

Witches and their black pointy hat are standard throughout history…

There are many theories to try and explain this but the most common one about witches and brooms is from the Middle Ages.

At that time, it was common for people to use hallucinogens like nightshade, and mandrake in ointments and infusions.

(Bloody hell everyone must have been high as a kite back then, lol.)

It was discovered later that just rubbing themselves on sweaty parts of their body like the armpits and the crotch was enough to get them high.  

(Hahaha, can you imagine!)

Writings started to appear around this time of witches using brooms to consume psychoactive compounds…

and it is thought that witches flying their brooms came about from people who had vivid dreams caused by these compounds.

And the iconic pointy hat?

Again, various theories one being that the style of the hat can be traced to the Ouakers…

a persecuted Christian denomination that rose in 17th-century England.

Interesting and crazy stuff…

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