Picture of an elevator

crazy to think…

Nowadays you wouldn’t think twice about hopping in an elevator instead of taking the stairs…

You’d most likely think twice though if you thought that it could be the last ride of your life.

Almost two centuries ago that was a real possibility…

If the cables had snapped or frayed to the point of breaking, then anyone in the lift would have plummeted to their death.

And most likely did.

That is until Elisha Otis came along…

In 1854 the Otis Elevator company invented and began marketing a device that could stop an elevator from falling to the ground if its rope snapped.

But rather than just telling people about his invention Elisha took it one step further.

By going to the World’s Fair at the Crystal Palace in New York City and rode an elevator from high up in the air.

Ordering the rope to be cut that was holding the elevator. He didn’t fall to his death…

(The guy had some balls pulling that stunt.)

And the crowd loved it, amazed by how the elevator had managed to stay safe high up in the sky without plummeting.

That day marked the change in elevator safety and trust in the technology skyrocketed forever after.

And it wasn’t long before Otis’s design was in nearly every building in New York City and beyond.

Crazy to think that before this people used to risk their lives riding in an elevator.

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