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Great idea for a low-budget product

I was looking through some emails to get ideas for what to write for an email.

Sometimes I like to do this.

And I was reading an email from an affiliate marketer who talked about how hard it is to find a decent product to promote.

(Warrior Plus being his preferred place.)

And I must agree it is.

Like me, he likes to buy them to go through before promoting…

but like the marketer says:

“There are a lot of products launched each day and buying them all is impossible.”

Every year this marketer researches the best evergreen products selling on Warrior Plus and JVZoo then narrows his list down to the best of the best.

Creating a master list that they then sell to their list.

The list consists of products that have been launched already for a few months and have proven to convert.

A great idea for a low budget product, don’t you think?

You know it’s going to be in demand and will sell.

And obviously it does if they’re doing this every year!

What’s also interesting is they’re selling this just through email with a link to their PayPal. That then redirects to a Google sheet.

Keeping it all nice and simple.

Now the question to ask yourself is this…

Do you think you could do this?

(Though if you were to do it exactly like this, you’d need an email list to sell to.)

Have a great day.


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