Highly Desirable Lead Magnet Ideas

A great way to come up with ideas for a lead magnet you know people will want to opt in for is to use YouTube.

Why YouTube?

You know people are already looking for information to solve a particular problem. For example, I’ve used YouTube to find out how to replace the heating element in a tumble dryer.

When searching on YouTube look for videos with the greatest number of views.

Go to YouTube and search for a topic, here i searched on ‘dog training’.

And these are some of the results:

Clicking on @willathertoncaininetraining go to the “videos” tab and select the “Popular” tab to sort by the most views.

Looking at the results we can the most popular videos for this channel are:

  • How To Stop Your Dogg Pulling On The Leash
  • How To Stop Puppy Biting In Seconds
  • 5 Dog Training Exercises You Should Do Every Day At Home
  • Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up In 2 Simple Steps!

All great ideas for a lead magnet in the dog training niche that you know are highly desirable as lots of people have viewed these videos, also you get some great ideas for titles for your lead magnets.

Here’s another example, I searched for “Make money online” and after scrolling through a few videos I found the below:

The first 4 videos show:

  • How To Invest For Beginners (starting with $100)
  • The 13 Best Side Hustles To Start (at every age)
  • How to Retire in 7 Years Start With $0
  • After I Read 40 Books On Money – Here’s What Will Make You Rich

Again some good ideas here for lead magnets that people will be interested in and will be more likely to opt in for.

Hope you find this useful.

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