Spooky phone call at 4:25 am

A couple of years ago now…

me and the wife were asleep in bed, it was about 4:25 in the morning when my wife’s phone suddenly started to ring.

Startled she answered the phone.

No reply…

Puzzled she looked at the number that came up on her phone.

Still half asleep she’d thought it was our son (then 12), and at that time he’d sometimes get up late at night and go downstairs to watch TV.

(Our son’s autistic and has ADHD and at the time the meds he was on to help him sleep didn’t work that great.)

I had already awoken by this time when she said, “our son’s calling from you’re mobile.”

At that point, I’d picked my mobile up and had it in my hand, looking a bit pale my wife said to me …

“Your number just came up on my phone!”

I checked the call log of my mobile and indeed it showed that a call had been made from my mobile at 4:25am.

Talk about spooooky…

… I must admit I was completely baffled.

The phone was right next to me and still locked so how the hell did my mobile ring my wife’s?

 That was it my wife couldn’t get back to sleep for the rest of the night.

I on the other hand quickly went back to the land of nod.

True story,

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