How To Create An Optin & Thank You Page: Under 5 Minutes

The ways you can do this are:

Building an email list should be one of your main priorities as this is one of your main assets for your business.

  1. Give something a way for free

    Such as a free report that requires an email

  2. Offer a product or service

    Then when person buys your product or service that get added to your email list for future follow ups.

Below you’ll find a video that walks you through how to setup an email optin & thank you page, in under 5 minutes!

To watch the video.

Click Play Below.

You’ll find links to resources below:


  • 17 Rapid Side Hustles (17 Quick Ways to Help You Make Some Extra Cash)
  • Aweber (a great email system to start with and free up to 500 subscribers)

Now you may be wondering that’s great and all…but what can I give as a free optin?

These days is no longer advised to create 50-60 page pdf or even a 60 minute video, as peoples attention span have significantly reduced.

Instead, think about creating a simple 1-page pdf, swipe file, quick tips guide etc.

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