Creating a great hook for your product or copy

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Creating A Hook

A good habit to get into before even attempting to create a new product is first to think about the HOOK or title for your product. 


A great hook can mean the difference between fantastic sales or mediocre sales to no sales at all.

You can use sites such as Amazon and and look at the non-fiction titles

Doing a search on Amazon for the word lose weight brings up titles:

  • Lose Weight For Good: Full-flavour Cooking For a Low-calorie Diet
  • Bike Your Butt Off!: A Breakthrough Plan to Lose Weight and Start Cycling (No Experience Necessary!)
  • The Water Fasting Guide: How To Restore Your Body, Heal Yourself, Feel Better and Lose Weight With Water Fasting

And searching self-help:

  • I’m Worth More:  Realize Your Value. Unleash Your Potential
  • Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is The Key To Unlocking Your Greatness
  • Coffee Self Talk: 5 Minutes a Day To Start Living Your Magical Life

If you live in the UK then you’ll find you won’t be able to access at least not without using a VPN.

But if do a search on google for Magazine and select images this will bring up tons of images of different magazine covers with some great headlines.

That you can use in both your sales copy, optin pages and hooks

And looking at just below the google search you can see a ton of different magazines you can click on from fashion to food 🙂

A great tip for this that will also help with productivity is a variation of the Pomodoro Technique.

Simple make notes of possible HOOKS using the above resources, while setting a google timer for 20-40 minutes then stop when done.

Doing one or two sessions like this will get some good ideas for hooks for your product or headline.

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