How to use googles reverse image search

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Many people are not aware that you can do a google reverseimage search.

So, what is a google reverse image search?

Google reverse image search, lets you search on an image andfind related images, your search may include:

  • Similar images
  • The website that contains these images
  • Other sizes of the image you searched with

What compatible browsers can you do this with?

You can do this on most browsers such as:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Now, this gets interesting when your doing research, for example, suppose you want to do some research on someone in your niche to see what sites, social profiles etc they have.

How to do the google images search

To do the search first open a tab in chrome or Firefox for google images.

how to do google images search

And then open another tab and head over to Amazon and do a search say on email marketing. Here the top search is for The 1-Page Marketing Plan.

Searching on Amazon to find an expert in your niche

From here we can then click on the title of the book to check the author

searching for author's name on Amazon

Click the author name, which we can see is Allan Dib, this brings up the author’s profile and with his picture.

drag and drop image of author into google images

Next, we need to left-click on the image and keeping the mouse pressed drag it over to the google images tab.

drag and drop image of author into google images tab

Still keeping the left mouse pressed then drag the image down to the search option on google images search, then let go it may take a few seconds for google then to show the search results.

drag and drop image of author into google images search option

Looking at the results

Looking at the results I got you can see that this image appears in a few different locations

list of sites with images relating to google images search

As you can see this shows a website and a linked in profile, which we can look at to do more research from this.

Looking for images for your blog posts

Another use for google images is if we see an image on a blog post we like we can see where this image came from. The below image is from my own post. If I right-click the image and choose the option to open image in another tab (using chrome for this example, I’ve used an image from my website).

Another example looking for images for your blog posts

After right-clicking and choosing the option to open image in a new tab it will then bring the image up in a new tab.

open the image in a new tab

The image will then open in another tab, as below. You then need to left-click the image again drag (but don’t let go of the left click) to the google images tab at the top, then drag down onto the google images search option and let go, give it about a minute and it will do a search as I have below.

doing a search on the image you liked in a bog post

Scrolling down you can see the searches for “pages that include matching images.”

look at pages that include matching images

From the list, you can see the image I used for this blog post appears on quite a few sites and is one that I got from Pexels a free photograph.

I hope you found this article helpful…

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