Picture of Poison bottles

Poisoned by my local chippy

A couple of years ago I think now…

Our usual weekend thing was to order a takeaway from the local chippy.

I ordered my usual which at that time was a chicken shish kabab.

And it was delicious.

The next morning, however, I woke and felt bad, I got bad stomach pains, feeling sick and diarrhoea.

I called the docs and got a callback.

(at that time, it was easy to get a same-day callback, not so now though)

After describing my symptoms and telling the doc which chippy I ordered from, she advised I had food poisoning…

apparently, that chippy we ordered from was under investigation for other cases of food poisoning…

(Just my bloody luck!)

I have to admit my memory is a bit sketchy on the exact details like I said it was a few years ago.

And from what I can remember that chippy got taken over by new owners.


A few months past and I all but forgotten about the incident that is until I got a letter through the post.

I was invited to participate in a survey, it seemed I’d got some rare or unusual type of food poisoning and they wanted to learn more about my experience.

I couldn’t believe it…

I showed the letter to my wife, and she thought it was bloody hilarious.

Needless to say, I didn’t order from that chippy again.

Have a great day.


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