Screen shot of my bump offer

My Simple First Bump Offer Bought In…

I’ll first quickly explain what a bump offer is…

A bump offer (sometimes known as an order bump) is a simple sales technique for advertising another offer to the customer during checkout.

Screen shot of my bump offer

Now you might be wondering…

What’s the difference between a bump offer and an upsell?

A bump offer is a promotional offer that’s displayed on the actual checkout page with a small checkbox option for either a related product or service.

An upsell is usually an offer that compliments the original purchase and that is offered after you’ve made the first purchase.

Taking you to another sales page.

Look at this picture below.

Image of how much i bought in with my first bump offer $851.50

You can see that this bump offer brought in $851.00 so far, not too bad for a first-time bump offer.

I haven’t been promoting this product for a little while as I’ve been working on another larger product…

once this is ready to be launched, I’ll probably increase the price from $37.

It covers 17 of the best ways to get buyer traffic to your website or offer.

This a simple 153-page pdf that took quite a lot of research, adding some of my own experience and time to put together.


I can now use this to sell separately to package with other products and even as a bonus…

for affiliate products, etc.

It’s always good to keep in mind what other ways you can use the products you create.


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