Quick Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing

I found this great video on for beginners on internet marketing and i thought i’d share it here.

This video explains how to discover the size of your audience niche and how to find an offer to promote, in the video Fullstaq Mentor, explains how you can set up an advert targeting your audience directly to the offer, which you can do and even tried in the past.

But, there’s one small problem with this…you have only ONE shot at making any money doing this and because you haven’t got the person’s email address doing this you’ve lost a great chance in both building a relationship with that person and sending more offers.

The better way would be to build an email list and then send affiliate offers through email. I hope you’ve found this information useful, i’d love to know your thoughts below 🙂

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Whether you’re just starting out online, maybe you’ve got a business and want to add some extra revenue or you’re a complete newbie.

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