Two Great Tools I Use With My Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever run a Facebook ad you’ll know that in order to track your conversion weather that’s a sale or optin or something else you need to use what Facebook call a pixel, a little bit of code that is placed on your sites pages.

This is so Facebook can track any conversions that happen on these pages. And also optimizes your ads.

But without this pixel being on your site Facebook wouldn’t be able to show your conversions or optimise you’re ads.

For example, say you were running a Facebook ad to an optin page, you got 100 visits to your opt-in page and 20 of those visits opted in.

if you haven’t got your Facebook pixel installed you wouldn’t be able to see this conversion in your dashboard.

And this is exactly the mistake I made when I created my new opt-in page for my new lead magnet The Killer Leverage Strategy.

My Current Test Campagin

Below you can see a test campaign I’m currently running that shows the conversion of 22 leads and the amount I’m spending per day.

I’ve forgot to install the pixel on my thank you page so all the leads I got wasn’t all recorded in Facebook. I’ve actually got 25 leads at present from this campaign.

  • The main job of the pixel is to track conversions

When a visitor lands on your Thank You Page the pixel “fires” letting Facebook know to record that conversion in your stats. And it optimizes your ads by showing your ad to people with similar interest to the people who opted into you lead magnet.

This is the Facebook Ad I’m currently testing

What you need to ask yourself before you even create your Facebook ad is, is my offer desirable enough? will people be willing to give me their email address for this?

The amount of success you have depends on the offer you have.

Installing The Tool

The easiest way to install this on your site especially if your using WordPress is to use WordPress addon called Pixel Your Site.

This addon makes it so easy to install your Facebook pixel.

To install just go to your WordPress dashboard plugins then add plugin and type Pixel in the search box

You’ll then see the addon Pixel Your Site click on this and install.

Once you’ve installed this, you’ll then need to get your Facebook pixel for this if you haven’t already you need to create a Facebook Ads manager account.

You can just type Facebook Ads Manager into google and then either login or open a new Facebook Ads account.

Once logged into your Facebook Ads Manager you then go to the Events option

Then on the left-hand side, you’ll have a blue button labelled “Continue Pixel Setup”.

Set up your pixel once you have the pixel code go back over to your WordPress dashboard to Pixel Your Site and then click on “Settings” and copy the pixel from Facebook and paste it in then scroll to the bottom and click “save”.

Setting Up And Testing An Event

The next step we now need to do is setup an event in Pixel Your Site click on “Events” then choose the option to add give the new event a title name of lead magnet etc.

Make sure that “Fire event when” is set to “Page visit”.

(normally this is by default)

You should see “URL Contains” selected and next to this an option to put in the URL to your Thank You Page.

When done go down to the bottom and click save.

Now we need to check the event is triggered when the Thank You Page is visited. For this we can install a Chrome addon called Facebook Pixel Helper.

You can install this from the Chrome store here

Once installed you should see an icon at top of the browser that looks like </>.

Goto your Thank You Page and you now see when you click the </> an option for Lead as below.

Congratulations your pixel is now installed successfully.

I love to hear to hear your feedback, so please drop a comment below cheers Zaf 🙂

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