Picture of a Robotic hand

Rise of the Terminator?

A company in California is seeking to take technology to the next level…

Modern-day replacement arms and legs have come a long way since the early days.

Nowadays they are made of silicone and carbon fibre and more have various electronically controlled moving parts – Bionic.

Atom Limbs is combining a range of cutting-edge innovations, including AI into the next-gen of bionic arms.

Using advanced sensors and machine learning…

…computers train themselves to accurately interpret electrical signals from a person’s brain and use them to move the bionic arm.

Not requiring surgery or implants to function it uses sensors that measure electrical signals.

Although it’s expected to considerably less than many other bionic products on the market it is still expected to be a whopping $20,000…

Pretty interesting stuff…

Makes Sci-Fi films like ‘Terminator’ not so far fetch, eh?


P.S. Now something that’s NOT AI-assisted or created is Matt Bacak’s…

Secret Email System

I took quite a few notes when I read it.

As I was reading, I came across this quote from Matt that says…

“Six seconds, that’s all you have got to make a sale.

Six seconds.

You will know that you have an irresistible offer when people say something along the lines –

I must buy that right now”.

That’s not long at all when writing an email is it?

Did you know that there are four types of emails that you should be writing?

Heck, I know I didn’t…

If you want to know how to write emails that get opened, read, and actually make sales…

Then you need to grab yourself a copy of Matt’s book.

Inside you’ll discover:

1) The easiest way for you to start and set yourself up for success.

2) The number one thing you need to do before even attempting to build your email list.

3) What do you need to do to shortcut your way to money?

4) The real secret to picking affiliate programs that will make you the most money.

And a lot more.

If you haven’t yet got Matt’s new book, then I highly recommend up pick up a copy today before he ends up increasing the price…

and believe me for what the price is now and the bonuses you get with this it still would be well worth it.

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I know I was 🙂

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