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The BIG 4 Questions

Whenever someone is thinking of buying something they have a very specific inner conversation with themselves…

and this is the same regardless of what they’re buying.

Whether affiliate products, your products, or services…

And to understand this inner dialogue that a person buying has you need to ask these four BIG questions that they’re asking themselves.

The first two are:

1) What are you trying to sell me?

2) How much?

Looking at these two questions then we can see that the buyer really is asking – what is your offer?

And your message must reassure them that what you have to offer is of reasonable price and quality.

And if it isn’t you may have got them to buy your offer once, but they won’t buy from you again.

One who knows how to make a quality offer will have a happy repeat buyer.

After the offer has been made these leave two more questions that should always be addressed.

3) Why should I believe you?

And indeed, why should they?

If the offer you’re making seems too good to be true, then this will raise doubt.

People have to believe that you’re not going to rip them off.

An offer only works if it’s got credibility behind it.

And the last question…

4) What’s in it for me?

 WIIFM is the acronym for this one.

You might be thinking… hang on didn’t we answer this in the first question “What are you trying to sell me?”

Nope… you see people buy products but what they really want are the benefits that product gives them.

Or how it makes them feel emotionally, such as buying a diet program to lose weight.

The person wants to look good in their swimwear when they go on holiday.

Understanding these four questions will help you communicate more clearly in your marketing message.

I hope you found this useful.


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