Site stuck in maintenance mode

Last night I came home from work and was cooking my dinner (well at least I was trying to)

I open the oven door and all the blooming electric just went off.

What the fu*ck I thought.

The electric tripped out, and everything went off lights and all the electric appliances plummeting the whole house into darkness. At first, I thought we’d had a power cut, after checking the electric box and flipping the trip switch back on.


I carried on cooking my dinner, all seemed well till I opened the oven door.

Guess what happened? Yep, the electric tripped again. I checked my food and it was barely warm. Luckily the cooker is insured and we’ve got an engineer coming Wednesday morning.

Well, I guess tonight I’m having beans on toast!

Happy Birthday Son

Today’s my lad’s 11 birthday and we’re at Kangaroo in Nottinghamshire, a big indoor area where they do multiple activities for children, trampolines, ball pits and more. A fantastic place to take the kids.

Man, it’s windy today…

Well, we arrived at about 2:15 pm, and it’s packed solid we’ve got a 40-minute wait.

And it’s noisy as hell it’s making my tabs hurt lol.

On the way back home, we stopped in at McDonald’s all in all my son really enjoyed his birthday.

After a busy day I then sat down and…

I decided to check out one of my websites to see if there were any updates.

I had 5 plugins that needed updating. So, as usual, I selected all the plugins that required updating.

All seemed to be going fine until I got a message saying:

Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance check back in a minute

Ok, I thought, 5 minutes later it was still saying site in maintenance mode and I even refreshed

The page. Oh, “Crap”, I thought to myself. A quick google and I found a simple fix, well simple if you have a bit of technical knowledge.

Deleting the dot maintenance file from your hosting account

The fix is to delete the dot maintenance file from your websites public folder. Now there are two

Ways you can do this, either through your hosting site, using either cPanel or your hosting site’s equivalent of cPanel. Depending on your hosting company you may need to enable hidden files and folders option.

I use SiteGround for my hosting, on SiteGround if your using their replacement for cPanel you must go to your website then click on site tools this will then bring you up this option:

Dashboard site

Click on the site option which will then bring up the file manager option on the left-hand pane.

Dashboard site file manager

Click the file manager to then bring up the file browser for your website and then click on the folder public_html folder.

public_html folder

This will then show all the files and folders in the right-hand pane. Click on the dot maintenance file and then click on the bin icon at the top to delete the dot maintenance file.

Using FileZilla to delete the dot maintenance file

The other option is to use an FTP program such as FileZilla

If you’re using FileZilla, you need to make sure you have created an FTP account for your domain on your hosting account for your website.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need either your domain name (, your username and password, and the port is usually default of 21. Once you’ve entered these details just click quick connect, then choose your domain from the top right-hand pane of FileZilla.

FileZilla Domain name

Double click the domain name in the right-hand pane, see above picture. This will then bring up the below in the same pane.

FileZilla publ_html

You’ll then need to click on the public_html folder (right-hand pane above picture) this will then bring up the below:

Scroll down until you see the dot maintenance file and click on the dot maintenance file. Then right-click and choose to delete from the menu as below…

Then try opening your site hopefully this has sorted this problem out for you.

If you have any question, feel free to shoot me an email…

P.S. If you’re using Cloudflare for your site then you won’t be able to FTP to your site using your domain name or your server name unless you use your server’s IP address.

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