The Bizarre Case of the Vanishing Village

In the late 1930s a very bizarre case occurred concerning a village near lake Angikuni, a fur trapper named Joe Labella was looking for shelter for the night, and he made his way to a nearby village he knew of and when he got there all the villagers had disappeared.

The strange thing about this has everything including food and weapons had been left at the village.

Lake Angikuni

Labelle contacted the Royal Mounted Canadian police and an investigation began, in the nearby village burial ground a grave was found to be empty, not the result of any animals.

Not from the village, several bodies of sledge dogs were found, they appeared to have starved to death. The strange part about this was nearby to these dogs were open stores of food. Also, there appeared strange lights above the lake at about the same time has the disappearance of the local villagers.

What really happened?

No one really knows but this story appeared in Frank Edwards book Stranger than Science; other versions in Whitley Strieber’s science fiction novel Majestic and Dean Koontz’s horror novel in the Sky, empty graveyards and over a thousand people missing.

Speaking of bizarre and crazy things…

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website security

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