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The night I was RAVING like a bloody…

On a Friday night and quite a few years ago…

I met up with a mate, then before I went out, I used to down a good volume of vodka.

That night we met up and went into a local nightclub in Notts think it was called the Palais.

That night I was more drunk than usual when my mate offered me some Acid.

I was going to take the whole lot being how tiny it was, I thought I could handle it no problem…

…but he persuaded me otherwise.

(I tell you I was bloody glad I did only take half.)

Later in the night in the nightclub, I must have looked like a Raving Rabid lol…

If you don’t know what a Rabid is It’s a cartoon and Rabids are Rabbit-like creatures that are well crazy.

Running does all sorts of crazy things.

I remember after I came out of the club I must have been shouting and not realized it…

as this lad with the girl across the road gave some weird looks.

On the walk home, things started to get weirder, it was raining, and the rain would suddenly slow down then speed up then slow down it was crazy.

I got home (then I lived at my mum’s) and got in bed, and I could hear the dripping of the tap.

The noise it made started to speed up and slow down…

It was like this all night and so loud I couldn’t get to sleep.

I didn’t touch another one of those things again.

Looking back now, I think…

“You must have been bloody crazy!”

Have a great Wednesday.


P.S. What’s also CRAZY is if you don’t pick up a copy of  Tony Shepherd’s…

Retired Super Affiliate

That I bought a Co-branding license for…

I’ve had a couple of subscribers with questions about this so today I thought I’d do a few Q and A’s from the sales page.

If you have any questions, then hopefully these will help to answer them for you.

Here are the questions and answers below:

Q. Do you need a list?

A. A list is always a good thing, and you will get better results if you have one, no matter how small it is.

But much of Tony’s affiliate work was anonymous so he couldn’t and didn’t want to use his list.

So don’t worry – Tony will show you a couple of strategies that show you how to get around not having a list.

Q. Do you need to buy everything you promote?

A. You can do if you want to write reviews or do case studies,

But it’s simply not necessary.

When your reputation grows a little, you’ll be able to get review copies of pretty much any product you want…

… But Tony will also show you a highly ETHICAL way of promoting products you’ve never bought, used or even read!

Q. Do you need your own products?

A. Absolutely not. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

You can get started just with your computer, internet access and a PayPal account. You don’t even need a website if you don’t want to.

Q. Do you need a reputation or a following?

A. Nope. Tony will show you how to use leverage to get everything you need. Vendors unwittingly provide you with everything they need if you know where to look 😉

Tony will be sharing all this with you.

Q. Can I do this as a newbie?

A. Yes of course. The whole point is to make this accessible to everyone.

However be aware that Tony doesn’t teach the basics in this publication such as linking, using affiliate platforms and so on – you can find those things on YouTube or by Googling.

What Tony teaches are strategies you won’t find anywhere else that you can use in your own affiliate business.

Here’s just some of what Tony shares:

  • The niches Tony’s personally promoted in (Page 9)
  • The ‘Elephant in the Room’ about Tony’s affiliate business (Page 10)
  • The TWO key types of affiliate marketer (and how to be both) (Page 11)
  • The killer leverage strategy that barely anyone uses (Page 13)
  • A lazy but deadly effective affiliate marketing shortcut (Page 14)
  • The ‘Reveal’ strategy for recurring monthly affiliate commissions (Page 17)
  • And a lot more!

You get a no-fluff 53-page PDF publication that shares nine of the simplest, most effective strategies Tony’s developed for affiliate marketing income over the past ten years…

… and how they’ve constantly brought Tony thousands of dollars every month.

Grab your copy here and you can start using these strategies immediately, whether you are already an affiliate marketer or not.

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