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The Most Bizarre Event in Olympic History

Called the most bizarre event in Olympic history…

The 1904 men’s summer marathon in St Louis and part of America’s first Olympics, was held in conjunction with World’s Fair…

Celebrating the Louisiana Purchase centennial and showcasing America’s imperialism.

Proving to be a bizarre event due to a chaotic and ridiculous series of incidents.

Consisting of a mix of seasoned marathoners and of unusual participants…

…ten inexperienced Greek runners, two barefoot South African tribesmen and a Cuban mailman.

Named Felix Carbajal who arrived at the starting line in street clothes that was later modified by a fellow Olympian.      

The race was run during the hottest part of the day on dusty roads with only minimal amounts of water.

A 24.85 mile course, over rough terrain, and hills…

The chief organizer, James Sullivan wanted to test the effects of dehydration.

(Think I would have told him where to shove is test!)

And these conditions led to countless incidents…

One man, William Garcia nearly died from internal injuries caused by the dust.

Another suffered vomiting, one man was chased off course by dogs…

(Bet he ran like the clappers with those dogs at his heels.)

and Caribajal took a nap mid-race after eating rotten apples.

Fredrick Lorz hitched a ride for 11 miles after suffering cramps.

A guy was even given the first reported incidence of performance-enhancing drug use in modern Olympics by his support team.

Fredrick was initially declared the winner but later disqualified once it was discovered he’d cheated and hitched a ride.

The actual winner was Thomas Hicks.

Pretty dangerous marathon if you ask me…


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