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Uncovering a market desire

As you probably already know there’s one thing you need to do if you want to make any sort of money online…

And that’s simply building an email list.

To do that you must first have a highly desirable lead magnet.

And the criteria for creating a high-converting lead magnet?

Are these factors:

  1. Creating Instant Desire – when someone lands on your opt-in page you want them to think something like

    “hmm I like the looks of that I think I’ll get it!”

    and for that to happen you must appeal to your target market’s core desires.

  2. Adding Value -You know the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover’.

    We all know that most people do…

    Your lead magnet must be as helpful as possible and create a positive experience for new subscribers.

    This will help boost engagement and allow you to make more money.

  3. Easily Digestible Quick Win – Giving a 200-page PDF or 2-hour video…

    will put a lot of people off as you’re asking for them to invest a significant amount of time to consume your content when they’re brand new to your business.

    It’s much better to give either a 2-page PDF or a 5-minute video which is more likely to be seen as a “quick win” that can easily be consumed in a short amount of time.

The most important of these?

Appealing to the desires of people in your niche that they already have.

30 Second trick to dial in desire:

The best place to look to uncover a markets desire is to look where people are already spending their time and money.

Why’s this so valuable?

If you want to figure out what people really want in a money-making online market, just check out where they’re hanging out and spending their cash.

The deal here is, folks don’t casually throw around their time and money unless they’re expecting something they genuinely desire in return.

The best place to look to see where people are spending their time is YouTube:

Step 1: Is to go to

Step 2: Search for your niche such as “dog training”

Step 3: Click the “Filters” button at the top and select “Channel.”

(That’s just a small bit of what you’ll discover, check the P.S. below.)

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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