A great little free tool I use

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying countless times “Give the customer what they want”.

Here is a great guide to help you in your business.

This is a great little trick I learned from another marketer Rob Cornish over at https://www.gainhigherground.com/blog that will help you in finding content to help build various products from creating a lead magnet to help build your email list, small product

This process involves you going to YouTube and then searching on your niche plus the words “how-to”, so for this example say our niche is Golf.

YouTube search golf

Going to YouTube and searching for “Golf how” and scroll through and select popular channels.

then click on the channel name, not the video, then from there select the video tab and click sort by most popular.

YouTube golf channel

Doing this then gives us an overview of what people in this market are the most interested in. From the first video, you can see the most popular is “How I got my golf swing” then “How to hit your irons pure”, and “How I shape my irons”.

From this you can see what topics people are interested in, this takes the need out of going to keyword tools as you can see by the views what people are interested in.

Here’s another market we can try

Searching on “Law of Attraction how to” we find the below channels.

Law of Attraction how to

So, again we select the video tab and select sort by the most popular.

Law of Attraction Channel

Here we see the most popular video here is “Sleep technique for attracting”, “Affirmations Meditation to attract love instantly”, and “Powerful morning routine for the law of attraction” are just a few here.

Another market we can look at is Yoga.

Yoga how to

Picking one of the most popular Yoga channels.

Yoga channel

From this, we can see the most popular video for this channel is Yoga for complete beginners: 20-minute Home Yoga.

Looking at this we can see that it’s got 25 Million views, from this we can see it’s for people who have an interest in learning Yoga but haven’t got a lot of time spare. From this, we could create a free report base around this, use as a blog post or even on a sales or opt-in page.

Finding out what people want

From this you’re becoming more precise on what people want, not having to guess.

And here’s more for you “martial arts how to”

Martial arts channel

Most popular on this channel is Punch Defence Tips – How to defend punches more effectively, how to hit a heavy bag for beginners, how to take a punch in a fight and even how to defend against a knife attack.

All you must do is check 2-3 hot channels in your market and you can get some really good content for your lead magnet.

Looking at a big niche Copywriting you can really narrow down what people are looking for.

Copy writing chanel

The most popular video here is “How to become a copywriter (with no experience)” as you can see some of these videos can give some great headline ideas.

Now I hope you can see it doesn’t need to take days to find the info theirs is any perfect way of doing this but with more knowledge and little tools like this it can really make things easier for you.

Hope this has helped you…

What’s your favourite tool for doing research?

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