Some Tools I use to Build An Email List

Well, the engineer for the cooker came yesterday Yippee, (if you haven’t a clue what I’m on about then take a look at this post by clicking here) I can now have a decent cooked meal, oh cooker how I’ve missed YOU.

It turned out that the element had gone in the cooker, hence the problem I was having with the cooker, an interesting I found out is that the engineer practically had no idea why it was doing what it did, the only thing he could think of was that the oven has some sort of safety cut off.

You see you don’t need to know everything about your job or business just the basics of what you doing that earns you the money…

The same goes to building an email list, all you need to know is the basics to get you started.

If you have an online business of any kind then you need to be building an email list, with an email list you can keep your subscribers up to date on any new products, offers or discounts. Also not forgetting the most important part of emailing, building a relationship with your subscribers through the content you are giving them.

The basics you need for building your email list

  1. Domain name
  2. Website
  3. Free Signup Incentive
  4. Squeeze Page
  5. Auto Responder

To keep this post from getting too long I’ll assume 1 and 2 you’ve got already covered.

Now for our free incentive for your potential subscriber in exchange for their email address. Now this can be several things from:

  • A Free Report – PDF
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Video
  • Survey
  • A free course
  • An infographic

Example: Free Report

For one of my sites, I used a free report to build my email list that is a 16-page pdf.

Free report

Next you need an opt-in page or commonly known as a squeeze page, this page serves one specific purpose to get subscribers onto your email list. This a squeeze page I used for the pdf offer for the Law of Attraction niche.

Squeeze Pages

Squeeze page example 1

This squeeze page I built using thrive architect, a WordPress plugin that can be used to create various pages for your site, such as squeeze pages, sales pages and more than I used thrive leads to link in with an autoresponder, ( more on this in a  bit) when clicking on the button “Free Instant Access” the lightbox pops to collect thee email addresses.

Squeeze page example 2

For your interest you can see the squeeze page by clicking the below link:

You can find another example of a squeeze page below:

There are free alternatives to Thrive Architecture, such as Elementor Page Builder they have a free basic version and a paid version.

Auto Responder

The final tool you’ll need is an autoresponder to send and store your email contacts, I use GetResponse this you have to set up in conjunction with you squeeze page so that anyone who signs up on your squeeze page will be automatically added to your email list.

Other popular autoresponders are Aweber and mailchimp.

Once you have your autoresponder linked to your squeeze page, you’ll then need to set up an autoresponder sequence, the first email being sent out could contain a link to your free resource and is usually sent straight after signup.

Please bear in mind that this is an overview of the basic tools of what’s needed to build an email list.

I hope you find this useful, let me know your thoughts below or shoot me an email at 😊

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