The Baffling Unsolved Case of the disappearance of Boris Weisfeiler

The year was 1984 and Boris Weisfeiler decided to book a trip to Chile to escape the cold wintery weather he booked his trip to hiking several trails in the Andes mountains. It’s thought that Boris tried to cross during his hiking trip.

And that was the last seen of him, the only sign he’d been nearby the river was his backpack that was found on the riverbank along with his footprints going northward toward a bridge near Colonia. Boris never returned home or was ever seen again.


The local authorities in chile assumed that he had drowned while trying to cross over the river, his body was never recovered. The strangest thing is that 16 years later after his disappearance declassified US documents revealed that Boris who was in fact a State University professor may have been murdered in Chile.

These documents allege that a witness saw Boris being interrogated at an agricultural commune before being shot.

On August the 21 2012, a Chile Judge ordered the arrest of eight retired police and military officers in connection with the alleged kidnapping and disappearance of Boris Weisfeiler. According to the court findings the suspects were to have been prosecuted for “aggravated kidnapping” and “complicity” in the disappearance of a US citizen.

The case was close in 2016 after the judge ruled to be a common crime…

Finding Ideas for Your Reports

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Finding content for your report

Start by asking the question, “What do people actually want?”

If the answer to this question leaves you a bit stumped or you really don’t have a clear idea what the people in your niche want. Then start first with a simple search on google for the name of your niche plus the word “forum”. By going through the most popular threads you can great little gems of info for your eBook or free report.

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Please feel free to leave your comments below 😊

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