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Have you read Sort Your Brain Out?

A few months ago, I attended a seminar where I saw a big UK motivational speaker…

In London at the Royal Society of Physicians.

A guy called Adrian Webster…

And I tell you he was bouncing all over the place, think he mentioned he has ADHD either that or he was on speed, hahaha.

Though I have to say he was a great speaker and well sought after.

He mentioned he had written a book, co-authored with Dr Jack Lewis called Sort Your Brain Out. 

Intrigued I bought the book.

And it’s a good read that describes what our brains do and how we can get the most out of them.

One section on pages 91- 92 caught my attention…

It describes how our expectations can influence our experiences both positively and negatively.

And how restaurants, pubs, hotels, shops, and other places…

manipulate your expectations to the pricier options they have.

With lighting, music, scents and so on…

all aimed to influence that part of your brain…

influencing your sensory impressions in the most profitable direction.

(Fascinating stuff but a bit bloody scary too.)

I recall reading something like this in a copywriting book. Called something like creating a selling environment…

It described how a top art gallery that sold very expensive paintings…

gave anyone who walked in the red carpet treatment…

they’d have soft low lighting as they walked down a very long corridor with a red carpet.

Soft music was playing in the background before they entered a room with the painting.

All to put the unsuspecting visitor in the right buying frame of mind…

Something to be mindful of when visiting these places.

Hope you have a great weekend.


P.S. Expectations can also influence success…

And having a good coach could help with this. 

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