Mother & daughter sniffing perfume

Why do people sniff themselves?

A new study was published in the scientific journal Physiology & Behavior…

on self-sniffing (Olfactory self-inspection).

They were using an online questionnaire about self-sniffing. 209 volunteers took part in the study.

They answered questions about self-sniffing, hygiene, and disgust.

From this, they learned that:

1) The number one sniffed part of the body was the hands. Closely followed by the armpits, then hair, feet and breadth.

(I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a fat chance of getting one of my feet anywhere near my nose.)

2) The number one piece of clothing sniffed is…

Worn T-shirts followed by worn trousers, socks and underwear.

(hmm I don’t know about the underwear bit.)

They say one way to sniff one’s body odour is to smell worn clothing items.

3) There are three main types of self-sniffing

  • Social acceptability self-sniffing: sniffing worn clothes, and body parts to make sure they don’t smell.
  • Intimate self-sniffing: parts of the body you wouldn’t sniff in public, like the navel. (Now that would be a bloody impressive feat!)
  • Cosmetic self-sniffing: Checking if the perfume or shampoo still smells on parts of the body, they applied it to.

4) Men & women sniff themselves differently

They found that men had a higher frequency of intimate self-sniffing whilst women had a higher frequency of cosmetic self-sniffing.

5) People with health problems sniffed themselves more

Scientists found people with more frequent health issues showed more social acceptability self-sniffing than healthy people.

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Have a great Monday.


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