Picture saying Hi Haters.

What do you hate?

I was talking to my wife this morning and she looked out the kitchen window and said…

“It’s blooming raining again!”

Now I must agree I’m not too fond of the rain, especially that fine rain that completely soaks you…

and I had to take my lad to school in that rain this morning.

If I were to say what I hate the most…

The first thing that springs to mind is “pickled beetroot”, I remember the first time I tried it.

(And the last ever.)

When I was about 15 my mum got me to try pickled beetroot from a jar.

I still can recall the vinegary smell and texture as I bit into it, God it was damn awful.

The gut-wrenching feeling I felt as I started to gag on the taste…

and how the piece in my mouth shot out.

I thought that it was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted next to Marmite.

If you haven’t heard of Marmite, it’s a UK spread with the well-known slogan…

“Love it or hate it!”

It was always advertised on UK TV; can’t say I’ve seen the ad in a while though.

And I don’t love it for sure, lol… 

Sometimes, the fear of not doing something we dislike can be stronger than continuing to do it.

(So, we keep right on doing it, stuck in a perpetual loop.)

Like working a 9 to 5 job… no job = no money.

Best regards,


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Picture of Elevate coaching program videos

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