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Highest Ever Speeding Fine

Speeding is the most common traffic offense with around 42 million speeding tickets issued in the US each year.

In Finland, things work a little differently the amount you pay for a speeding ticket depends on how much you earn a year.

In 2023 a 76-year-old Finnish millionaire got slapped $130,000 fine for going over the speed limit of more than 18.6mph.

(Don’t that just make your mind boggle? That’s more than the average person earns in a whole year and more.)

In a zone that was roughly 32mph.

And had his license suspended for 10 days.

Said to be the world’s highest-ever fine…

The Nya Aaland newspaper reported:

“I really regret the matter,” Wiklöf was quoted as saying. “I had just started slowing down, but I guess that didn’t happen fast enough. It’s how it goes.”

That money was probably peanuts for that guy, lol.

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