Is your mindset affecting your level of income?

I was just flipping through a book I bought sometime last year…

The Psychology Of Selling by Brian Tracy.

And I must admit it isn’t a bad read.

There’s an interesting part in the first chapter that talks about what determines a person’s income.

It mentions how psychologists have found that “you can never earn 10% more or less than your self-concept level of income.

If you earn more than what you’re used to getting, you immediately start doing things to get rid of the money till it’s back down to what you used to.

If you get less than what you’re used to, immediately you’ll start to think of things to get your income back up to your comfort zone. Working harder, longer hours, etc.

And once you’re back up to that comfort zone you’ll ease off and just relax.

For years I did this, I got jobs at a certain level of income, and I couldn’t seem to earn any higher.

Then one day I read an article where it mentioned that if you want to earn more money set the amount you want to earn in your mind.

(It can’t be too big of a jump from what you’re already earning.)

So, I thought I’d try it when applying for my next job.

Surprisingly I did get the job I wanted and at that level of income and also subsequent jobs after.

It’s said the most common reason people fail to make money online is due to their mindset.

If you want to increase your income, then you first need to achieve this in your mind before you do it in reality… Belief is a strong thing but goes in hand with action.

A worthwhile question to ask your if you’re struggling to make money online…

Is my mindset preventing me from making money online?

You WILL experience failure and fear especially when it’s something new.

That’s where you’ll need persistence, especially when you feel like you’re getting nowhere.

Brian Tracy mentions how he came across the effects of mindset on income during his sales career and how some guys couldn’t pass a certain level of sales, while others had no problem.

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Hope you found this helpful.


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